About Me

I'm a dorky, talkative, music loving, Italian food eating, passionate, creative, cat adoring, family oriented, blog writing 22-year-old student from New York. I study Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts at St. Michael's College in Vermont and I am minoring in Political Science.

I absolutely love to travel, especially after my semester abroad in London during the spring of 2014. When I'm not writing until my brain hurts and my hands are sore, I'm probably listening to music and lighting too many maple sugar scented candles while I paint my nails and plan out my next adventure.

I am the Communications Intern at the American Cancer Society in Vermont, and I am working on a documentary film for my senior capstone project, currently under the working title "The Art of Aging." It will explore issues related to ageism in our society and the marginalization of members of our society who are 65+ years old. The film will be released on April 1, 2015.

Here are some "fun" facts about me, in case you were wondering...

  • I lived in London for four months
  • I've been to seven countries
  • I've seen two different Popes in person
  • I interviewed an Emmy-award-winning film editor from "Breaking Bad" & "The Walking Dead" for my school paper, The Defender 
  • I met Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) from the Harry Potter films twice at a pub 
  • Before college, I had never had a raspberry, Chipotle, or coffee
  • I broke my arm attempting a cartwheel in junior high 

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