Saturday, December 28, 2013

This time next week...

Three more days. On Wednesday night, the first day of the new year, I will be on a plane to London for an entire semester. Talk about new beginnings!

I have been having a great- and extremely hectic- winter break so far. I've spent a lot of time at home with my family and our Christmas celebrations were so lovely. My family always comes over for Christmas Eve and this year we returned to our tradition of sandwiches and pie for dinner and dessert. After we ate, we all opened our annual Christmas pajamas and took some pictures in front of the tree. It ended up snowing a little so my cousins and I went outside to run around in it and to see the tree all lit up. As cliche and it sounds, it was pretty magical to see snow on Christmas Eve.

Christmas was full of surprises, family, and love. I got a bunch of things I'll need for my trip, like power adapters and space bags. I also get some clothes, a pair of shoes, and almost everything else I had asked for. Of course Maggie got a bunch of Walking Dead merch and my cat was in heaven because of the wrapping paper and bows everywhere. My dad made my grandma a bookshelf from scratch and it came out quite beautifully. She was so surprised when he brought it out.

After my sister and I sat down on the couch with our cinnamon buns, my dad came into the room and handed us each an envelope. He said that they were his Christmas letters to us. I didn't think anything of it so when I saw Maggie open hers and quickly slide it back into the envelope, I was suspicious. I opened mine up and there was a ticket to the One Direction concert in New Jersey this summer inside! I literally couldn't believe that my dad had gotten us tickets because everyone knows how ridiculous it is to try and buy them. But somehow, he did it!

It took a few days for the shock to wear off from that surprise, and then before I knew it there was another creeping up on me. On Friday night I drove to my friend Stephanie's house for what I thought was a pizza dinner with her, Maggie, and my other friend Kym. Her mom let us in and Stephanie was right inside waiting for us. After we took off our coats, we walked into the living room and I turned around and saw all of my friends standing in the dining room. I was so shocked to see them all there and after we all greeted one another, Steph told me how she had planned it all with Maggie and Kym. I was surprised my sister didn't let it slip because she usually can't keep secrets. Somehow, they all managed to keep it a secret though and the party was the highlight of my week. I got to see almost all of the people I wanted to see before I leave. It just reminded me of how blessed I am to have such great friends and family. I'll miss them all so much while I'm gone!

Now that I'm so close to my departure I feel like it's finally starting to seem real. I still need to unpack from school and then pack my bags for England, but I've been getting more mentally prepared and excited the last few days. I can't wait to get there and meet everyone in my program.

For now I will procrastinate and watch Dexter on Netflix with my family until I am forced to start packing. I hope everyone reading this is enjoying the holidays!

The next time I write, I'll be in London. Unbelievable.

Until we meet again.

My house on Christmas Eve. It snowed!

I painted my nails for Christmas.

From left: Lisa, Maggie, me.

Playing around with my camera in the snow on Christmas Eve.

Some of my amazing Christmas presents. I'm so excited for August 5th!

My friends threw such a fun surprise party for me on Friday!

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