Saturday, January 25, 2014

The story of how I met Rupert Grint, and some other random things

When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone came out in theaters, I was terrified of it. I never imagined reading the books or seeing any more of those horrifying movies. But here I am, years and years later and about a week from turning 21, and I am proud to say that Harry Potter changed my life. Countless people have said the same thing so I'm sure I don't sound very unique, but that doesn't really bother me. I'm happy to share the magic with so many other people. After reading all of the books (numerous times) and seeing all of the movies (a bazillion times), the boy who lived has a very special place in my heart. More importantly, I've always had a huge crush on his redheaded best friend, Ron Weasley, and the actor who played him, Rupert Grint.

Well my friends, last night all of my dreams came true when I met Rupert in a London pub.

I've been in London since early January and during the first few days of orientation, I found out that Rupert was in a play called MOJO in Picadilly Circus. About a week ago I came across really cheap tickets to see the show before it closes on February 8th. I went for it and bought a ticket for myself for Friday, January 24th at 7:30PM.

I had been looking forward to the show all week so when Friday evening rolled around I made myself some chicken parm (my favorite) and got ready to head to the tube. When I got to the theatre, I claimed my ticket and went up to the Moonlight Bar. I ordered a cider and walked back towards the stairs leading to the balcony. When the house finally opened, I found my seat in the last row of the highest balcony in the theatre. Surprisingly, I could actually see the stage pretty well. I leaned forward in my seat a lot but I didn't mind. The theatre was beautiful and I didn't even mind how steep the balcony was.

The show was really good but to be completely honest, it was really difficult to understand what was going on half of the time. The accents were really heavy and the play takes place in the 50's so there was a lot of slang and fast-talking dialogue that I couldn't keep up with. From what I gathered, it was about the aftermath of a murder of a man who owned a music club in London. There were about six cast members, all male, and they were all very good. Colin Morgan (BBC's Merlin) was also in the cast and I think his and Rupert's were my favorite characters.

When the cast took their final bows, I practically ran out of my seat to get out of the building before the crowd. I made it outside and found the stage door area, but it was raining and there were already a bunch of girls lined up to meet the cast. I remembered hearing from some other study abroad students who had seen the show that the cast all exit out of different doors and Rupert usually goes out of the front. I also heard that he goes to the pub right across the street a lot. I wanted to increase my chances of meeting him, so I stood on the corner where I had the perfect view of the stage doors, front doors, and the pub. While I was standing there I met two girls who had seen the show as well. Pheobe, 18, was from England and Juliana, 23, was from Germany. They were both hoping to meet the cast as well, so we waited for about ten minutes. Ben Winshaw, one of the other cast members, came out and Pheobe talked to him for a minute. She was so excited and while she was freaking out about meeting him, Rupert walked outside with three friends and headed straight for the pub across the street.

I couldn't even breathe properly so it took a good minute for me and the girls to walk over towards the pub. We stopped outside the doors and I quickly took my hood down and tried to put my hair in a decent ponytail. I was so nervous!

We finally went inside and it was really tiny. The atmosphere was really cheerful though. I saw Rupert standing near the bar and he was talking to his friends but no one was crowding him or asking him for pictures. It was a lot of older people in the pub so no one really noticed him standing there. Eventually I made my way through the crowd towards him and when there was a break in his conversation I gently tapped his arm.

Breathe, Sheila. Breathe.

He turned and looked me right in the eyes and watched me intently as I tried to form words.

"Hi, Rupert. I'm sorry for bothering you. I honestly have no idea what to say to you except that I think you're wonderful. You did great in the show tonight."

"Oh wow, thank you! Cheers!"

He was smiling at me. I was dying.

"Do you mind if we have a picture?"

"Sure, of course!"

This one's a classic. Ha!
I moved around towards him and extended my arm to take a selfie, but it was awkward and not working at all so Juliana took my phone and took the picture for us.

He had one hand on my back and one around his beer and I was slowly melting into a puddle of mush.

"Thanks so much. I'm so sorry for bothering you! I also wanted to say that I really love Driving Lessons. My dad does too!"

Wait... what did I even just say? I liked Driving Lessons? My dad does too? I was malfunctioning. I guess it was better than saying that Harry Potter rocked my world or Thunderpants was a cinematic treasure.

"Oh yeah? Driving Lessons? Cool. Thanks so much! Cheers!"

He was so sweet. Instead of looking at me like the nerd I am he smiled really big and laughed cheerily.

Someone was trying to squeeze by me so I took Juliana's phone and snapped a photo of her with Rupert as well.
Driving Lessons is in all honesty, one of my favorite films.

"Thank you SO much!"

I think you've thanked the man enough, Sheila. Time to go home.

He smiled at us one last time and we turned around and made our way to the door.

A woman stopped us and said, "Excuse me, but is that the famous guy from Harry Potter?"

We laughed and told her he was and she was really excited to get a picture to send to her friend.

We left the pub and stood outside and talked while Juliana had a cigarette. Rupert walked out about five minutes later and got into his car with his friend.

Once she was finished, we walked to the tube station together and said our goodbyes. It was really nice meeting them and I definitely wouldn't have had a good time standing around in the rain without them. It was nice to be able to share that moment with new people. The whole tube ride home I was smiling like an idiot.

Anyway, it was probably one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me and I thought I'd share it with you guys!

Eeeeeeeeeeeek! (I thought this caption out really well)
Other than that, life has been pretty good. I've had each of my classes twice now and my first assignment is due February 11th. I went to Kensington Palace this morning with Arcadia and it was really cool to see where Prince William and Kate Middleton live, even though we weren't allowed near the residential quarters. I got to see Princess Diana's gowns and old items from previous Kings and Queens. It was a beautiful day as well so it was lovely walking around the grounds after our self-guided tour. I've also recently been to the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery which were both really interesting and beautifully designed. I've also been cooking a lot and I can't wait to find some more easy, affordable recipes to make. Someone actually stole my pots and forks so when that's all sorted out I'd love to spend more time cooking and baking.

I think tonight I'll take it easy and Skype with Steph for a while. Tomorrow I should plan a few more trips and find the books I need for my classes.

Only 4 more days until I'm 21!


This picture was taken at Kensington Palace. It was so exciting to see her gowns!

Kensington Palace is the official residence of William and Kate.

I absolutely loved this window seat. It's located in the Queen's apartment in Kensington Palace.

Write soon!

xo Sheila

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