Thursday, October 9, 2014

Note to Self: Love

When I was a little girl, a very special person asked me what I think the meaning of love is.

Back then I would have probably said something about a prince charming and a princess who run away together and live happily ever after. I did not know then, that the definition and depth of love far exceeded the romantic love that we see in movies and fairy tales.

Today, I am still trying to figure out the true meaning of love, because to me it is not singularly defined by a sequence of words that are strung together in a solitary sentence. It is not always grand or magnificent, but it is unfailing and exists in the tiny cracks and crevices of our lives. When we break, love binds us back together.

To me, love is...

The way that my grandparents felt about each other from the time that they married, through the birth of their four children, and through some unimaginable hardships that they faced.

The way that my sister feels about music, theater, and of course... The Walking Dead.

The feeling that swells inside of me when I am surrounded by my family and friends.

The reason why my friend's fiance could not wait to propose to her, and even though she hates the attention, the reason why she has glowed ever since.

The reason why some people find their passion and cling to it until the day that they die.

The reason why there should be marriage equality.

The reason why the world stood still and mourned together when Robin Williams died.

The feeling that I get when I watch home videos and see my grandma there with us on Christmas morning.

The thing that keeps us going when life gets a little too hard.

The desire for those around you to be healthy, happy, and successful.

The reason why my cat drags behind her favorite toy when you try to move it to another room.

The reason why my dad fought for custody of my sister and I with everything that he had and raised us to be compassionate, smart, good people.

The desire to place someone's needs before yours.

The way I feel when my younger cousin, Emma, tells me that she missed me while I was away.

The reason why I have lived with my best friend since freshman year of college, despite how different we are as people.

The reason why sometimes, you just have to breathe and let go- even if it hurts.

The way I feel when I call up my dad and he says "Hiya, Bub!"

The feeling I get when I think about my time abroad, my host family, and my London friends.

The way I felt about Peggy, the woman who asked me what love meant when I was so young.

Unconditional love is what we all need a little more of in life. Let people love you, and love them right back if you can. Hell, even ask them what they think love means. Find love in little things.

Chin up. Be thankful. Be humble. Be kind.

xx Sheila

(P.S) I'm back on Blogspot. Maybe. For now.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.

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